Mama Says…

Mama always had a way with words and phrases. Sometimes they’d be right on the nose and sometimes they hardly made a lick of sense. But they were always hilarious and entertaining.

Mama grew up in the Deep South, where inspiration for her colorful sayings was never in short supply. She was born into a family full of storytellers. Generations of women and men could paint beautiful pictures with just their words and a whole mess of imagination.

On summer days, we’d sit on the front porch, quieter than a basket of hushpuppies at a Baptist fish fry, while she’d weave together a story that would make Bill Shakespeare jealous. She swore all her stories were factual, but we didn’t care either way. We were just happy to sit there and listen. The shade wasn’t too bad either.

Over the years, we collected some of Mama’s best phrases but decided we’d let y’all mix them up to tell your own stories. As a matter of fact, we packed so many of them in that box, you’ll have to play until the cows come home before you hear the same phrase twice. That’s what makes every game as unique as one of Mama’s beloved front porch stories.